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  • Noah Hill

What are Caries, and Who Suffers From Them?

Updated: May 30, 2019

While this might sound like an easy question, it may not be that clear to everyone that we all suffer from caries (i.e cavities)!

Over 90% of Americans have experienced some sort of tooth decay and it's been classified as one of the largest dental epidemics by countless dentists. Why? Because all the food we eat has an underlying impact on our dental enamel. There are also countless pre-existing conditions that can affect our dental enamel. Furthermore, the average American has had 3 filling in their lives while 25% of us have had 11 fillings or more! While brushing your teeth, flossing and getting annual cleanings are the most effective ways to combat dental decay, there are many people who suffer from diseases which make it even harder for them to combat caries. Overtime, caries symptoms which are left untreated can continually eat away at your teeth and lead to nerve damage, as well as the permanent loss of your teeth.

On on the other hand, did you know that certain foods can also damage your dental enamel? The culprits here can include wine, fruit juice and even your own stomach acid. While there's many ways to balance out your own diet, it's inevitable that we'll be eating some of these types of food and drink throughout our lives and, since no two people are alike, the way we reach to these foods is also extremely variable. However, there is a key element that ties all these foods together and lets us understand why they can be so damaging to our teeth. Keep on reading to learn more about this not-so-secret "danger".

Here at UChu we want to change the game and give you the tools necessary to stay on top of any and all caries-related issues that may come into play, especially if you suffer from any pre-existing conditions that may impede your ability to fight tooth decay. While our dental band may appear to be a simple and small add-on, it punches way above its weight in detecting, tracking and reporting on the current levels of acidity in your mouth. At this point, you may be asking: why are we tracking acidity to begin with? Fair enough! When acid, bacteria, food particles and saliva interact with each other in our mouths it leads to the creation of plaque. Yes, we're talking about that sticky, smelly white stuff that dentists are always warning you about. If left uncleaned it can lead to the creation of new acids which will eat away at the enamel in your teeth. Also - newsflash- those foods we mentioned above contain lots of harmful acids already. Long story short, this leads to even greater problems for your dental future. And let's be honest- who wants to spend more time and money at the dentist ? This is where UChu comes in.

Read more of our blog posts to learn more about the exciting advances we're making in our labs!

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