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  • Noah Hill

The Last UCHU Biosensors Blog!

With great excitement, we are proud to share our new rebranding from UCHU Biosensors to Lura Health! This transition has been many months in the making, with incredible support from the extremely talented design team at HAX. We believe this new branding better conveys our values and long term missions as a company. Please check out our brand new website at and let us know what you think!

Our previous website will still be available, but a notification will remind visitors that we have rebranded to Lura Health and a link to visit the new site will be provided. This will also be the last blog posted to this website, and all new blog posts will be shared at If you are already subscribed and following this blog, you will automatically be added to the subscribers list for the new blog. We hope you are just as excited about this brand change as we are! Make sure to spread the news and share with friends who would be interested in staying up to date with the Lura Health team.

A quick update about the team is that Dan and I are both safely back in Shenzhen, China. As we were in Bangkok, Thailand and saw virus situation escalating around the globe, we believed returning to Shenzhen was a safe decision to make. We spent two weeks in separate hotel rooms for a mandatory quarantine, received two coronavirus tests each free of charge, tested perfectly healthy, and returned to our regular home. We are now back working in the HAX office every day, and are really glad to be back.

The health precautions taken in Shenzhen are impressively organized and make us feel very safe. Every store, mall, train station, and housing community have health checkpoints where police officers record everybody's temperature before entering. We are registered on a host of mobile applications that are used to verify we've done our two week quarantine and have not visited any potentially unsafe areas.

Other than these checkpoints, life here in Shenzhen is practically the same as it was before we left. All of our favorite restaurants are open, mail delivery is running like normal, and all of the local factories we work with are fully operational. After a couple months away, steamed buns and noodles are tasting extra delicious!


Thank you for following our blog thus far, and we hope you'll continue to follow our updates as we keep moving forward to increasingly exciting times. See you next time at!

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