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  • Noah Hill

Your Dental Stats, all in One App

Updated: May 30, 2019

What's the UChu advantage? Imagine, your oral healthcare information can now be easily accessed within our integrated app.

You and your dentist can learn about every pH spike, teeth cleaning and oral product that's currently being used - from the comfort of your couch or the dental office. Our top-down approach allows dentists and patients to play an active role in the process. For example, once UChu senses a pH spike in your teeth, the information will immediately be relayed to your dentist's app and you'll be able to receive the most effective solution, sent right to your phone.

All patients, from kids to construction workers, will be able to easily integrate with our app and continuously learn from all the information available from UChu. We're aiming at making the relationship as fluid as possible, all the way from the dental office chair to your bedside table. Awkward chit-chatting about your personal dental hygiene ? Gone. Unanswered questions about which products are best to use for your teeth? Bye-bye. Most importantly, extended amounts of time spent at the dental office? Sayonara. At UChu we want patients and their dentists to be as happy as possible when interacting with one another. That's why we've decided to create an app that can democratize all aspects of dental care while at the same time be at the center of the conversation when you're talking to your dentist. After all, we've seen that better relationships in the dental office only lead to better quality care and oral hygiene - it's a win-win scenario!

With UChu, oral hygiene maintenance can be as easy as checking your Instagram or Twitter. Think of us like the personal healthcare tracker you never knew you needed. Now you can share the power of dental hygiene tracking right alongside your own dentist. We're democratizing clean teeth and making it easier than ever before! That's the UChu advantage.

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