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Effortlessly Monitor Your Health Through Saliva

Welcome! At U-Chu, we are disrupting the preventative healthcare industry. How? Great question.


We are changing the field of preventative healthcare by developing a platform of sensors mounted onto a tooth that effortlessly monitor health through one of the body's most vital diagnostic fluids - saliva.


Changing the Game

Saliva is being referred to as the new blood of health diagnostics. The ever-present fluid in our mouths is a goldmine of health information and it's already used to detect and monitor over 1,000 conditions. However, to measure a sample of saliva, users must drool into a tube and wait for a one-time result from a lab or kit. Current methods of collection and analysis make real-time, continual monitoring impossible. This is where UChu comes in. 

The UChu intraoral sensor is designed to fit comfortably around one tooth, detect and analyze concentrations in saliva, and stream data directly to the user's smartphone. Our first-generation sensor is being developed to fit around an orthodontic band. These bands are typically used to anchor braces, and are already worn by over 4.5 million Americans. 

Before U-Chu


Patients collect saliva in a tube, test with a lab or kit for $150, wait for results, then receive a one time measurement

After U-Chu


Tooth Sensor Monitoring Saliva

Wireless Mobile Data Capture

Remote Patient Monitoring


Our technology will allow people to take control of their health in a way that is easier, more personalized, and more effective than ever before. 

The salivary diagnostics industry is currently valued at over $2.6 billion and is rapidly growing. Measuring saliva is non-invasive and painless, which makes it an attractive alternative to blood. Our micro-scale electronics enable salivary diagnostics to occur automatically and continually in the mouth itself, for real-time analytics.


Our platform aligns with the National Institute of Health's vision for the field and has the potential of changing the field of patient monitoring.

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